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hairy vesta

When some girls don’t want to look like a Barbie doll or some creepy mannequin in the flesh, they let their body hair grow more naturally around their cute pussies and Vesta is no different there. She definitely knows how to ‘fire the gardener’ and let her body look au naturelle.

Vesta playfully cups her breasts while her blouse is still on, but that quickly drops to the floor and she begins to really enjoy herself with all the cameras watching everything she does. She then cups her breasts again without the blouse and eventually her bottom shows in all its natural, hairy glory. Vesta definitely has a sweet ass, and when she spreads those cute pussy lips, you know that so many people would love to taste that natural muff.

It’s nice to see more people go the natural way, rather than be a living wax figurine without any real human traits or features. More people should do this.

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hairy gretta

It’s always nice to see pretty women naked and completely shaved and waxed, but sometimes, guys (and other women) want to see a woman in a more natural pose and body figure, complete with hair that is usually shaved off when people pose nude. This woman, named Gretta is definitely one of those women who appreciate a more natural approach to posing nude. You can see her gorgeous pussy with some nice hair and even her tight, horny asshole without anything off-putting. She just likes to show off her natural feminine beauty and looks.

Gretta slowly strips, showing off her armpits and breasts before stripping off her bottom and letting the world get a nice look at her all natural box. She really does have a nice, natural physique which immediately becomes apparent. You will never get bored of seeing Gretta flex her amazing body or show off any part of her outstanding body.

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tracey anne

They’re hairy, they’re pretty, and they’re not afraid to show it. With Tracey Anne’s body, she doesn’t look 40, and if you watch her video, she’ll prove it. With a natural but pretty bust and nice, hairy box, Tracey shows the world how amazing it is to watch her shower with the lights on and no pesky shower curtains to get in her (or your) way. She washes herself down pretty thoroughly and that’s definitely something not to complain about. Go ahead and watch as she enjoys the attention, the shower and being hairy and beautiful. It’s one sight definitely worth seeing!

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hairy felicia

For all the shaven and beautiful women out there, sometimes people need to step back a bit and appreciate a woman’s more natural beauty. That’s why we see unshaven women like Felicia here demonstrate why natural beauty should be appreciated as well. Felicia is a blonde and knows how to show off her bush. She slowly presents her cute bush before stripping naked and letting that un-mowed lawn be viewed in all its hairy glory. She then begins to spread her pussy in different positions and rub it around so her audience can get in the mood with her! Check ‘em out when you can!

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sharlyn and her toys

When looking for porn, you’ll find one common trend that really isn’t discussed all that often – shaving. Just about every single website out there has their performers shaved around their genital region. Most seem to prefer it that way, but for those who prefer their porn au naturel, there aren’t too many places that cater to the hairier types. That’s where We Are Hairy comes into play. All of their performers are natural, unshaven and pleasure themselves or fuck as nature intended, without all that plastic Barbie look or feel. They’re all real women with real physiques and natural body hair!

This is a video featuring a cute, natural woman named Sharlyn, and she enjoys playing with her natural, hairy pussy in front of her audience and playing with a dildo as she does it. You can enjoy how a normal woman with natural beauty looks with her. She has nice breasts, cute hairy pussy, and a sweet love of masturbating with the dildo as her audience appreciates and watches with at least one hand on the keyboard! We Are Hairy has been around for a long time, and with them continuously adding more content each week, you’ll know your desires for hairy women are going to be heard and catered to all the time!

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Ruby Red video

Some guys want their women more natural. That’s just fine because sites like We Are Hairy offer you exactly what you are looking for without hesitation. This is Ruby Red, and from the first time you see the video still, you are already getting the goods of her amazing hairy slit and tight little asshole, as well as her nice, visible breasts. She spreads eagle and even puts her legs behind her arms to get an absolutely unobstructed view of her outstanding pussy and all of her body, really. You can tell she just loves to rub herself out as the people watch her do it!

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hairy sharlyn video

There’s a ton of beautiful, fully shaved and waxed women out there in porn. What happened to the more natural look that was predominant in the 70s and before time? They never went anywhere! Especially when you check out the famous website We Are Hairy. In this delightful shoot, we have a woman who is named Sharlyn, and she has a cute, hairy pussy as well as nice 36C breasts. As she poses naked on the couch, she bends over and lets you get a nice, uncensored view of her cute, hairy slit and tight little asshole too! It’s great for those who appreciate a more natural womanly look.

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hairy teen Nica

It’s a shame that most girls have forgotten that it’s not entirely about the body. They don’t have to primp and trim and make themselves like a porcelain doll to be sizzling hot. They just need to love their body, and love showing it off and taking pleasure in it. It’s hot when you find a girl that loves her body, especially one with a nice hairy bush that she takes care of well, because that just shows she is comfortable with her body and knows how to appreciate what she has. Those girls are usually the ones that get off on showing off too, because they know what they have to give.

Nica’s shown off plenty of times, because she just adores teasing with her lovely bush and perfect body. So this little t-shirt and denim skirt combo is great for her body, especially when she unzips the skirt and starts playing with her pretty, untrimmed mound of fur. One of the hottest things about a girl with a full bush is you can see when they get excited, because their hair glistens, and with how wet Nica gets stroking her pussy, you can bet her mound was soaked.

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Gela full bush

These days it takes quite the self-confident woman to enjoy a nice, hairy, full bush. Women get told so many ways that they have to trim and shave, and wax, an groom they almost get told it’s wrong to have a good soft mound of hair. That’s such a shame, because a woman that loves to take care of her bush is one that will definitely have the confidence to have lots of fun with you, because they know just what they want. Who said that you have to have a bare pussy to be sexy? A hot girl is hot regardless, especially when they love to show it off.

Gela has a lot of things going for her, this smoking hot petite formed woman just makes the soft hair she sports between her thighs that much sexier, especially when it provides the perfect accent to her slim body and perky little breasts. She also knows that when she wants to get off, there’s no reason not to do so wherever she wants! In this case, she gets caught in the kitchen, and she realizes that she doesn’t really want food, there’s another urge she wants to satisfy. She strokes and rubs her hair pussy and makes sure her scent is just everywhere, especially when she finally gets off all over her fingers and rubs it through her lovely mound of fur.

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hairy loredana

It’s not easy for a girl these days to say that they love having a nice, hairy pussy. It’s so much easier to go with the ‘standard’ for fashion and shave, or trim, or wax, that it’s a special woman that knows that they have a lovely full bush, and that they can be just as sexy as any woman with a bare patch between their thighs. They are sexier, even, because they know that it takes much more appreciation for a bold and fine woman when they take good care of their body, and their sweet hairy patch.

Loredana isn’t just comfortable with her full bush, she just adores showing it off and knowing that there are still guys that get off knowing that they have a girl with a confidence showing off for them. She shows off just how she gets off in this video, and especially how she likes leaving her hot pussy and bush available while she uses her favorite vibrating toy in her ass. She just adores the feeling of something disappearing into that hairy pussy while she fills up from behind as well…but she gets off the most rubbing over her own pussy and smearing her wetness all over her natural bush.

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