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tracey anne

They’re hairy, they’re pretty, and they’re not afraid to show it. With Tracey Anne’s body, she doesn’t look 40, and if you watch her video, she’ll prove it. With a natural but pretty bust and nice, hairy box, Tracey shows the world how amazing it is to watch her shower with the lights on and no pesky shower curtains to get in her (or your) way. She washes herself down pretty thoroughly and that’s definitely something not to complain about. Go ahead and watch as she enjoys the attention, the shower and being hairy and beautiful. It’s one sight definitely worth seeing!

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sharlyn and her toys

When looking for porn, you’ll find one common trend that really isn’t discussed all that often – shaving. Just about every single website out there has their performers shaved around their genital region. Most seem to prefer it that way, but for those who prefer their porn au naturel, there aren’t too many places that cater to the hairier types. That’s where We Are Hairy comes into play. All of their performers are natural, unshaven and pleasure themselves or fuck as nature intended, without all that plastic Barbie look or feel. They’re all real women with real physiques and natural body hair!

This is a video featuring a cute, natural woman named Sharlyn, and she enjoys playing with her natural, hairy pussy in front of her audience and playing with a dildo as she does it. You can enjoy how a normal woman with natural beauty looks with her. She has nice breasts, cute hairy pussy, and a sweet love of masturbating with the dildo as her audience appreciates and watches with at least one hand on the keyboard! We Are Hairy has been around for a long time, and with them continuously adding more content each week, you’ll know your desires for hairy women are going to be heard and catered to all the time!

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hairy sharlyn video

There’s a ton of beautiful, fully shaved and waxed women out there in porn. What happened to the more natural look that was predominant in the 70s and before time? They never went anywhere! Especially when you check out the famous website We Are Hairy. In this delightful shoot, we have a woman who is named Sharlyn, and she has a cute, hairy pussy as well as nice 36C breasts. As she poses naked on the couch, she bends over and lets you get a nice, uncensored view of her cute, hairy slit and tight little asshole too! It’s great for those who appreciate a more natural womanly look.

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Combing Pussy

It seems like these days girls that don’t shave their pussies get told they are not taking care of themselves, or that they are lazy, or simply that they are not well groomed. That’s a shame, not to mention completely mistaken, since many of the women that go all natural take just as much time to keep themselves well groomed as those that wax and shave and trim down to almost nothing. It’s really a shame that there isn’t any appreciation for the woman that does decide to keep her hair natural, because a nice, fluffy pussy that’s well groomed always smells, and feels better. It just takes a little care, something that most women who let things grow out know more than others, after all, getting an ingrown hair around your pussy is nothing to laugh at!

Melisa has kept her pussy natural all her life, and she knows that you have to take care of things so you can keep that sexy look even when you don’t trim or wax around your sex. She loved teasing us though by giving us glimpses of her sexy pussy through her panties before she really got down to business and stripped down for us. She does have a fantastic body, and her perfectly natural snatch is just the right compliment for her mature body. The nice tuft of hair around her very pink pussy looks so good, especially when she takes such care to keep it nice. She has a little black comb that she uses and makes sure she’s well taken care of, and well groomed. She shows that there’s so much pleasure in keeping the natural look, why would she want to bother with the bare pussy look?

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What better place to shoot an au natural girl, then out in the sun, under the sky, where she can match the natural state around her. It seems like certain girls just relax and lose all their cares and worries when they find a beautiful spot where they can really let everything go. These sun worshippers will find any excuse to take off their clothes when they have the sun to play in, and when that happens its best to just let them do it and come along for the ride. If you let them savor the sun, the warmth, and the way it feels against their body, they will do what comes naturally, and you will get to see them expose their exhibitionist sides.

Elena May thinks of herself as a bit of a hippy, so she rebels against the idea of going bare all over just to please some guy. She loves her hair, and so do we, especially since, hippy or not, she definitely is a hot girl, who takes care of herself in the best ways. She does love playing in the sun though, so she just couldn’t resist a set of sun-warmed rocks as a place to strip down and get naked. It’s easy to get good pictures with such a hot model on a warm day, especially because she loves teasing with glimpses of her hairy pussy and her perfect little breasts. The sun started working well on her though, because she soon stopped teasing and let us see every inch of her beautiful body.

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hairy bush felicia

Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Some even choose between regular shaving and going au naturel. Some people like a gal with a bush, and others don’t. With We Are Hairy, they obviously choose the former over the latter in how they trim themselves down there.

With this cute blonde woman, she shows off her colorful clothing before moving her underwear aside and letting the cameraman get her cute, fuzzy pussy exposed for everyone to see and enjoy. After letting everyone get a good look at what she has in store for her audience, she eventually takes it all off and lets people get a complete, unabashed and completed naked view of her body. She has cute breasts which are proportionate for her frame and a nice, all natural muff for her fans to admire or even play with themselves over.

You can get all sorts of hot close-ups with her outstanding mound and tight asshole showing in these pictures. It’d be sweet if more women decided to take the more natural approach, as it’s actually natural and women don’t look like hairless dolls or mannequins without shaving.

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horny hairy brunette

Clean-shaven may be all the rage, but there’s something to be said for a girl that has the confidence to go au-natural. There is a certain attitude behind a girl that refuses to shave, and a certain ‘take no shit’ confidence that tells you that if you can’t stand a bit of hair down there, just keep right on moving. It’s sexy as hell, especially when you realize that there just is nothing like the scent of a nice natural girl when they get hot and wet.

Lanka must have found a book that piques her interests, because even as she reads she touches her hairy pussy through her bright red tights. That just doesn’t give her the sensation she needs though, so before too long she just has to strip down and get her fingers running through her hairy bush. This girls’ hot body is just the perfect accent to her nice black bush, because her cute tits bounce so nicely when her fingers dive deep between her thighs. The silky hair must create all sorts of pleasurable sensations, because once she really starts stroking herself she doesn’t last long before she cums hard, and then savors the scent as it gets caught where it might end up lost on a shaved girl’s body.

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Brown Hairy Pussy

I’m in love with this girl. It’s so hard nowadays, in a world where everybody is trying to get as hairless as possible, to find what I really crave. Not to mention, I usually have to settle for some old bag with a loose and nasty body. I’m talking about sweet brown hair pussy. I love a beautiful fully grown bush. The feel of it against my cock and balls is amazing as it gently tickles my package. Also, the way it catches her sweet pussy juices is so tasty.

What a score when I found this gorgeous young girl in her twenties that loved having a full bush, I mean she’s a looker too, with great heavenly mounds but, for me it’s all about that fur covered snatch. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her hairy fuck pit. Licking those sweet lips of her pussy all the way open and sucking on her hairy pubic mound. I could tell we were both very excited when we looked at all the saliva I left behind in her womanly forest. I like nothing better than after a good messy fucking to drop my load in her cunt hair and push it around with the head of my cock.

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Sweet hairy Pussy

What surprised me the most about my hairy pussy is how many guys were into it. The first time I fucked a guy after I had let myself go au natural, I worried that he’d be grossed out when he saw my big hairy snatch. Instead, he went right for it, sucking me off better than any guy in high school ever had. After getting me off, he crawled back up to my face, pussy juice glistening on his cheeks. He fucked my brains out and came all over my pussy hair. As we laid there all sweaty and sticky, he told me he had missed the friction of an unshaved cunt. He admitted that all the magazines show shaved cunts, so that’s what guys think they want, but a hairy fucking bush is what feels good. He had cum harder that night than he had in a long time, he said.

Since then, it’s been one satisfied fuck after another, and that has made me love fucking guys and letting them pound my hairy snatch. I feel like I’m spreading a message all over the world! Hairy girls need love too! I like to show my bush to anyone I can.

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Some of the hottest pussies are the hairiest! Don’t you like the look of this babe’s juicy hairy pussy? I do! You’re going to love diving into this bitch’s tight twat with your tongue as you pleasure her into oblivion. This hairy twat looks amazingly bushy and wonderful. The good news is you can see more hairy babes at We Are Hairy today.

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Yummy Pussy Hairy


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